Historical Facts About Lock Part 3

Locks In The Beginning

The earliest mechanized locks, crafted from real wood, were almost certainly manufactured by many different cultures simultaneously. Reports demonstrate them in use quite four thousand years back in Egypt. Attached top to bottom on the doorway post, the solid wood lock was comprised of moving pins or “pin tumblers,” that lowered by the law of gravity into open positions in the cross portion or “bolt,” and secured the door. It was run by a wood made key with pegs or prongs that raised a range of tumblers enough to clear the bolt to ensure that it  retracted. This technique of locking was the precursor of modern day pin tumbler locks.

The very first all-metal lock showed up in between the years 870 and 900, and are generally associated with the English artisans. These were uncomplicated bolts, created from iron with obstructions built in across the keyholes to stop tampering.

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