Going On Vacation? Home Security Do’s and Don’ts

While On Vacation Home Security

Going on vacation can be exciting for the whole family. It’s a time to rest, relax, and forget about the stresses of everyday life. However, it’ important to remember home security before leaving on vacation. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts.

Do Tell Friends And Family Where You Are Going On Vacation

When going on vacation it’s important to let friends and family know where you are going. That way they can make sure your home is safe while you are away. A trusted neighbor or family member can check in on the home to make sure everything is where it should be. Mail piling up in the mailbox is also a giveaway that a family is on vacation. A friend or family member can pick up mail and make it less obvious to potential robbers that the homeowners are out of town.

Don’t Tell Everyone Where You Are Going

Social media has made it easy to keep friends and family in the loop about everyday life. It’s also a way to keep potential burglars in the loop as well. One report found that a whopping 80% of burglars used social media to look at potential victims. Homeowners should think twice before posting online that they are away. And if the temptation to post is too much to ignore, at least make sure that privacy settings are turned on.

Do Get Lighting With Timers

Lights turning on and off are a great way to dissuade potential home burglars. Timed lights are available for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Setting lights to go on and off at a certain time each night will make it look like the family is still home.

Don’t Leave Lights On The Whole Time

Instead of going through the work of installing timers, some people simply leave their lights on the entire time. Unfortunately this can tip off burglars! Lights that are on all day and night can make it obvious that no one is home. This can also lead to quite the electric bill!

Do Leave Curtains And Windows As They Are

When going on vacation, many people shut their homes up tightly. They draw the curtains and shutters making it impossible to see inside. While this may seem like the best choice, it can be an indicator that a family is away from their homes. Leaving the curtains and blinds in their usual places will make it seem like someone is home, which is a deterrent to burglars.

Don’t Place Valuables Near Windows

While leaving curtains and blinds in their usual spots is a good tip, it’s also important to take a look inside the house and figure out if any valuable items are visible to passerby’s. Don’t give criminals a reason to break in!

Going on vacation can be a fun experience for the whole family. It can also leave a home prone to break-ins! These Do’s and Don’ts can help keep the home safe!

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