Going On Vacation? Home Security Do’s and Don’ts

While On Vacation Home Security Going on vacation can be exciting for the whole family. It’s a time to rest, relax, and forget about the stresses of everyday life. However, it’ important to remember home security before leaving on vacation. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts. Do Tell Friends And Family Where You Are Going […]

Home Security Cameras

Home Video Surveillance Video surveillance is the most effective way to keep your home secure. High-resolution cameras are installed in homes to monitor the entire compound. Surveillance cameras are a deterrent to criminals who sneak into homes when owners are away. The footage is taken during day and night and stored in a securely placed […]

Keyless Door Locks

Have You Seen the Keyless Door Locks Yet? Technology is amazing because you can control access to any vehicle or building with the use of keyless entry. You may be wondering what this is if you have not seen or heard of keyless door locks. The keyless door lock is quite stylish, nicely priced and […]

Fingerprint Scan Door Locks

Fingerprint Scan Locks We all at one point or another in life have had insecurities as far as our doors are concerned. Sometimes we would feel like someone would come and break into our homes while we are away or we might even lose the keys we would otherwise be carrying about. This demands something […]

Are Car Keys Cheaper Using A Locksmith?

Cheapest Car Keys Using A Locksmith Car keys are always going to be cheaper using a locksmith because they are not trying to strong arm you on the keys. You might go to a hardware store where they just have someone who works a machine, but they do not have the expertise to deal with […]

Maintaining Your Home’s Security

Home Security Maintenance The safety and security of your family is of profound importance to most people and this is most commonly illustrated with the security of your home. It is essential to keep your family safe while in your home and there are several steps that you should take to keep your home safe […]

Rekeying What Is It?

Learn About Rekeying a Lock The phrase fundamentally means replacing the tumblers in the cinder of a locking mechanism to circumvent an earlier key or group of keys from functioning. Using rekeying, you will be recoding pre-existing door locks so that it will open with a new key. How Rekeying Works Complicated as it can […]


24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services Emergency locksmith services are available 24 hours a day – every day. Call and a professional locksmith can arrive in 30 minutes or less! My Lock Genie and its representatives are your neighborhood 24 / 7 locksmith assistance company.  Emergency locksmith solutions are available night and day including everything from lock […]


Residential Locksmith Services Each of our My Lock Genie service agents will assist you with any home, business or auto lock & key problems that you may have! We take residential security very seriously therefore we only use very professional locksmith industry professionals. Our company provides the most suitable manufacturer locks available on the market […]


Commercial Locksmith Professional Commercial Lock & Key Services     High Security Lock Installs, Re-keys, Lock Repair, Safe, Vaults, & Exit Devices installed and maintained by My Lock Genie Locksmiths . Call Our company is aware that commercial security is of very high importance to all of our business and industrial clientele, because of this we […]

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