Historical Facts About Lock Part 2

Early Locks of Asia

Brass and iron padlocks used in Europe and in Asia were made popular by the Roman empire and the Far east.

They had been especially desired since they were easily transportable. They operated by keys that switched, screwed, and pushed.

The push-key ‘lock’ was in fact of straightforward design, the bolt saved in locked position because of the insertion of a spring coil. To open, the springs were squeezed or squashed by the key, which in turn liberated the bolt and allowed it to slip back.

Padlocks of this variety are generally utilized in the Orient nowadays. The adornment displays the artistry of the nations around the world, and forms frequently took the shape of animals – dragons, horses, canine, also elephants and hippos.

Padlocks were typically introduced in sets as presents, with messages of praise etched in the metal.

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