Historical Facts About Locks Part 11

Bank Safe Advances

Region banks, in the early 19th century were located in primitive structures. Safes were very simple real wood shafts or strongboxes strengthened with metal sheet iron and protected with padlocks.
It had become quick cash for the lawbreaker to crack in and demolish the safe, or transport it away for safe cracking in seclusion. And so started the contest between safe makers and safe breakers.
Safe manufacturers begun to develop solid metal safes with deadbolt locks opened by keys. Safe crackers quickly overcome them by dumping explosives in to the keyholes and exploding the entry doors off their hinges.
For much better defense, lock makers designed combination locks without the need of keyholes, afterwards incorporating them with a very small mechanism.

Container vaults of metal and concrete were constructed into the buildings of financial institutions. Numerous locking methods were developed and therefore that was the end of safe crackers of that era.

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